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The following is a list of classes I have taught. If you would like copies of statistical summaries and written excerpts of my teaching evaluations, please contact me at aluft@soc.ucla.edu

Political Violence in the Modern World, UCLA. Undergraduate. (With Profs. Jared McBride, Michael Rothberg, & Geoff Robinson). F19.
Categories and Contentious Politics, UCLA. Graduate. S18. 
Empirical Studies of Violence, UCLA. Graduate. W17, S19. 
Sociology of Violence, UCLA. Undergraduate. W16, S17, W17, S17, W18, S18, S19. 
Introduction to Sociology, Fordham University. Undergraduate. F14. 
Methods of Sociological Inquiry, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Reader/Grader. S14. 
How Race and Ethnicity Shape American Life. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Reader/Grader. S14. 
Sociological Theory, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Tutor. W12, F11.
Survey of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Undergraduate (TA). S11, S09, F08. 
Global Transformation and Cultural Change: AIDS and Sub-Saharan Africa, University of California, Berkeley. Undergraduate (GSI). S08. 
Introduction to Sociology, University of California, Berkeley. Undergraduate (GSI). F07, S07.