2016 Visiting Fellow, Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, $10,500 (declined)
2015 Kagan Fellow (includes 2013-2014, Saul Kagan Claims Conference, $40,000)
2014 CUNY Graduate Center, Department of Sociology. Visiting Research Fellow (n/a)
2012 Chateaubriand/Fulbright Fellowship (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, €20,000)
2012 Communication-B Teaching Assistant Fellowship (UW Madison, declined)
2010 Scott-Kloeck Jensen Global Studies Fellowship (UW Madison, $3000)
2006 Rodney F. Johonnot Graduate Fellowship (Bates College, $250)
2005 Mulford Service-Learning and Research Fellowship (Bates College, $3500)
2004 Barlow Study Abroad Research Fellowship (Bates College, $500)


2016 Elise Boulding Best Graduate Student Paper Award (Peace, War, and Social Conflict Section, American Sociological Association) 
2015 Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award, Honorable Mention (Collective Behavior and Social Movements Section, American
Sociological Association)
2015 Candace Rogers Best Student Paper Award (Eastern Sociological Society)
2015 International Studies Association Travel Award (International Studies Association)
2014 Best Graduate Student Paper Award (Association for the Study of Nationalities)
2014 Departmental Small Grants Award (UW Madison)
2013 SSHA Tilly Graduate Student Travel Award (Social Science History Association)
2013 Vilas Research Travel Award (UW Madison)
2011 Honored Instructor Teaching Award (UW Madison)
2009 Departmental Small Grants Award (UW Madison)
2007 Regents Graduate Division Award (UC Berkeley)
2003 A. Ferguson Award for Outstanding Promise in Sociology (Marianopolis CEGEP)

Grants & Scholarships

2018 President's Research Fellowship (UCLA)
2017 Center for the Study of Women Research Grant (UCLA)
2017 Dean's Faculty Opportunity Grant (UCLA)
2015 Wisconsin Department of Sociology Travel Grant (UW Madison)
2013 Berman Scholarship, Center for Jewish Studies (UW Madison)
2013 Mazursky Grant, Center for Jewish Studies (UW Madison)
2012 Mazursky Grant, Center for Jewish Studies (UW Madison)
2012 Ouisconsin Field Research Scholarship, Wisconsin Alumni (UW Madison)